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Training and education in the craft of silversmithing

Bishopsland is an internationally recognised and accredited charity dedicated to the training and education of young people in the craft of silversmithing in the United Kingdom.

We have quietly nurtured the careers of over 200 silversmiths and jewellers over the last 30 years, the vast majority of whom have gone on to develop sustainable businesses in the UK. Today, our society of Fellows are some of the foremost craftspeople in their field. They continue to pass their skills on to others and contribute to maintaining excellence within Britain’s craft, trade and industry.

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We believe the transference of craft skills is vital to preserving our cultural heritage. With your support, we can continue to mentor and train craftspeople, create opportunities for them to connect and learn from one another, and establish a strong network of skilled craftspeople across the UK and beyond.

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All pieces are made by hand by our current students or by past fellows. Commission from the sales will go towards training future silversmiths.