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Tiara Bangle with Silver Rivets


The shape and design of a variety of tiaras, including the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, are boiled down carefully to present a fine handmade silver rivetted bangle, designed to fit snugly with the modern lifestyle.

Unlike the complexity found in the designs of most tiaras, the bangle has stark shapes immediate to the eye, without their forebears influence being lost. Subtle but versatile, this piece proudly bears both a rich history and the pursuit of high quality craftsmanship.


Jonathan Stokes

Bishopsland 2021-2022

Jonathan draws his inspiration from the varied clients and pieces he encounters to make jewellery and vessels that reflect both the past and future of design.

He also humbly aspires, after the ancient craftsman Bezalel, to express the spiritual through ability and intelligence, knowledge and craft.

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Sterling silver

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