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Hosta Leaf


A hand chased and engraved Britannia silver Hosta Leaf with lemon gilding.

Photo credit: Miriam Hanid


Miriam Hanid

Bishopsland 2007-2008

Miriam designs and makes sculptural silver, inspired by movement and nature, especially water. Using signature chasing and engraving techniques she creates organic, tactile shapes from complex, detailed smaller vessels to bold centrepieces.

Some works are purely decorative while most also have a practical purpose. Commissions involve a close dialogue with clients.

Miriam also enjoys creating speculative pieces drawn from her own ideas; exploring new territory, and seeking out innovative concepts and processes. Her bespoke silverware is in private and public collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, Eton College, the Goldsmiths’ Company and the National Museum of Wales.

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Britannia silver with lemon gilding







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