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Hoopoe Toast Rack


The stunning Hoopoe bird is the inspiration for this toast rack. Each end depicts the bird resting or in flight- showing off it’s distinctive feather markings. These feather details have been oxidised. The toast rack holds 4 slices and is the perfect object for a bit of everyday luxury in your life.

Main photo credit: Shannon Tofts

Bryony Knox

Fellow 1996-1997

An eclectic range, from decanters to napkin rings, Bryony’s work is based on a love of storytelling, each piece brought to life using repousse and chasing, often with enamel or gilded details. The onlooker’s curiosity is sparked by her figurative silverware; as the object is handled, unexpected movement, colour and texture – and dual functions – are revealed.


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Silver with oxidised details.







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