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Halcyon Days – Kingfishers Beaker


Halcyon Days ~ Kingfishers Beaker

Did you know the origin of the happy and tranquil ‘Halcyon Days’?
The Halcyon is a mythical bird, now associated with the Kingfisher ( Alcedo). In Greek mythology, the god of wind, Aeolus, calmed the sea for a short period of time, during the Winter Solstice, so that the bird could build its nest on the waves. These birds were in fact his daughter, Alcyone and her husband Ceyx, who had been transformed in death, so that they could be together. forever.

This beautiful beaker tells this story with one bird sitting contentedly on the nest and its mate diving through the sunshine into the sea to catch the darting fish.
Chased silver with gilt interior. 11 x 9 x 9cm

Hallmarked in Edinburgh. Coronation Hallmark

Bryony Knox

Fellow 1996-1997

An eclectic range, from decanters to napkin rings, Bryony’s work is based on a love of storytelling, each piece brought to life using repousse and chasing, often with enamel or gilded details. The onlooker’s curiosity is sparked by her figurative silverware; as the object is handled, unexpected movement, colour and texture – and dual functions – are revealed.

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Silver and hand blown glass.

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