Cheese Board Utensils


Hand forged from sterling silver to create a beautifully balanced and weighted stilton scoop and cheese fork. Attached to a holly branch handle that has been seasoned, sanded and oil to give a smooth silky texture and a layer of protection when being used.

Stunning set of cutlery for the cheese lover and food enthusiast out there. Perfect for many occasions ranging from anniversaries, to christenings and to that special treat for yourself.


Charlotte Duckworth

Bishopsland 2012-2013

Charlotte’s ethos revolves around simple, elegant designs that are ergonomic and tactile. With the intention of provoking people to appreciate their food and take time over their daily routines and rituals in the kitchen. Using traditional techniques of forging and raising, Charlotte has an inherent understanding of the materials that she works with, creating magical pieces that preserve and capture their natural qualities.

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English Holly Wood, Sterling silver

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4 Weeks

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