For me, Bishopsland really kick-started my career as a jeweller silversmith and it’s where I met some of my best friends. I studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at UCA Rochester and treasure my time there but it wasn’t until I went to Bishopsland that I gained a much clearer understanding of what it would take to be a jeweller with my own business. Bishopsland helped me to not only improve my hand skills with its master classes and fantastic tutors but the focus on the business and exhibition side was truly invaluable to me. The course was more or less structured around a series of exhibitions and selling shows to give me focus and challenge and it introduced me to some of the people in the industry with whom I still collaborate for shows and various other services.

Three years after becoming a fellow of Bishopsland I am still exhibiting with some of the shows I first started when at Bishopsland. Now, I run my own independent business and doing more shows each year, including Goldsmiths’ Fair. I am currently based in The Goldsmiths’ Centre in Clerkenwell, just a 5 minute walk from Hatton Garden, where I design, make my work and meet with clients. I am currently building a new online shop to accommodate new work and developing my Fragment collection and a new collection called Tassles.

My longer-term goals are to continue to strive for excellence in my design and making, continue with the exhibiting at craft shows and build my business to a level I can take internationally.

Bishopsland is completely unique in it’s structure and core beliefs. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who is looking for guidance and support in their’ next step to becoming a jeweller or silversmith. But they must be willing to learn flexibly, put in the hard work and a lot of hours at the bench! Bishopsland made me see the industry as also being a community of makers and I carry that Bishopsland outlook still