Tree of Life Dish


The Tree of Life Dish has been hand chased and depicts a tree full with leaves. Silver leaves form the feet of the dish, allowing the dish to sit taller.

Photo credit: Todd White Photography


Katie Watson 

Fellow 2019-2021

The designs for Katie Watson’s work starts with a walk through woodlands, along the coast and across mountains. Mainly around her hometown of North Berwick and The Isle of Arran in Scotland. On these adventures she draws and studies anything that captures her attention in detail, and creates a design enriched by her imagination.

Using silver as a canvas, Katie translates the drawings on to the metal surface using chasing and repoussé and produces wonderlands of nature in unique pieces of jewellery and silverware. Her work transports you on a journey outdoors, immersed in nature and surrounded by wildlife. She brings scenes to life by conveying a sense of movement within each piece, from the interweaving flow of water ripples, wild grasses swaying in the wind and birds soaring high.





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