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Flying Fish Vase


This elegant vase consists of two silver flying fish with articulated wings and tails, flying on stainless steel wires from silver rim of a Sea Blue glass vase. The fish are made individually by embossing detail and forming the sheet silver using the techniques of chasing and repousse. Both fish can be removed, swapped over and arranged either diving in, or diving out. Smaller fish can also be worn as a brooch/ boutonniere.


Bryony Knox

Fellow 1996-1997

An eclectic range, from decanters to napkin rings, Bryony’s work is based on a love of storytelling, each piece brought to life using repousse and chasing, often with enamel or gilded details. The onlooker’s curiosity is sparked by her figurative silverware; as the object is handled, unexpected movement, colour and texture – and dual functions – are revealed.


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Silver, Stainless Steel Wires and hanblown glass to my design by Loco Glass, Cirencester







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