Anchor Chain Necklace


This delicate chain is inspired by the rich cultural heritage surrounding the coastlines of Caius’ home island of Guernsey.

The history of fishing and marine work in his family led him to draw visual inspiration from the many ropes, chains and other lines which tie ships to docks in the island’s many bays, with the twin sapphires reflecting the rich ocean colours of Guernsey’s coast.


Caius Bearder

Bishopsland 2021-2022

Caius’ designs stem from his love for the coasts of his home island of Guernsey, specifically the forms and shapes found in rockpools and cliff faces.

He uses a range of metals and finishes in his work to help communicate both the grounded physicality of the coastal constructions and the fragility of the smaller organic elements.

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Sapphire, Sterling silver


18 Inches

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